Opening Saturday, Aug 22
Opening Thursday, Sept 3. 6-8pm
Yuill Family Gallery @Medalta

Payce’s Continuum is an exciting new experience for Medalta. In
addition to his early work in our gallery, projections and other
experimental works of his will be found throughout Medalta’s historic

Artist Statement
This exhibition presents works from the first thirty-five or so years of
my practice.  It shows chronologically, how I began making ceramics as a
kid and continued on making them through my K-12 education, my post-
secondary education, and my early teaching career. Greg Payce -continuum is a prequel to the work being shown concurrently in Greg Payce -Palimpsest  at the Esplanade Gallery, which showcases the last fifteen or so years of my fifty-plus years in the medium.

fact that I was able to actually start making and developing my
ceramics at an early age is a testament to strong dedication, education
and mentoring from a range of people including my family, friends,
teachers, professors, colleagues, and community mentors.


Reception & Opening
Thursday, September 3. 6-8pm
Yuill Family Gallery @Medalta