30 X 5: Americano Invitational OPENS TOMORROW

Americano is bigger than Demitasse but smaller than mug, with a handle and room for cream
and sweetener. Like a Yunomi for informal tea drinking, the Americano
is made for daily informal coffee drinking at home and work.

Participating Artists: Posey Bacopoulos, Ben Bates, Karl
Borgeson, Robert Briscoe, Billy Cho, Bede Clarke, David Crane, Josh
DeWeese, Mark Digeros, Carole Epp, Mike Gesiakowski, Bruce Gholson,
Steve Hansen, Samantha Henneke, Autumn Higgins, Meredith Host, Michael
Hunt and Naomi Dalglish, Matt Kelleher, Kristen Kieffer, Michael Kline,
Justin Lambert, Simon Levin, Brenda Lichman, Lorna Meaden, Matthew Metz,
Jeff Oestreich, Shoko Teruyama, Bill Wilkey, Tara Wilson.

movie day: Twilight of the Masters

Twilight of the Masters from Rogan Productions on Vimeo.

Rogan Productions presents a short film directed by John Gutierrez.

Twilight of the Masters offers a moving portrait of three of the
world’s most dedicated craftsmen in the twilight hours of their careers.
The film follows these craftsmen as they grapple with their legacies
and consider how their craft might be passed onto the next generation.

Twilight of the Masters travels to Minnesota to hear the story of the
legendary potter Warren Mackenzie, to Japan to follow the knife &
samurai sword master Kazuo Myojin, and finally to Scotland to hear from
the longest serving malt-master in the Scottish whisky industry, David
Stewart from the Balvenie distillery in Dufftown.

Save the Date for Objective Clay’s Online Exhibition! Live: November 20th @ 12 Noon EST



Wahooo!  Guest Artists!

We know you will enjoy everyone of our selected guest artists.

It is a pleasure for us to share their work with you!  The Holiday Sale goes live November 20th @ 12 Noon EST!

our collective of potters continues to work together I am touched by
the amount of thought and effort each member gives to the group! It has
been a great first few years defining and growing Objective Clay.  We
look forward to sharing more with you and each other as we develop our
work and our strength as a group.  We hope you enjoy the informative
articles on our blog, music play lists, and regular featuring of objective clay potters!