Wednesday March 22 – Saturday, March 25, 2017
Portland, Oregon

NCECA is committed to the exhibition and expansion of contemporary
ceramic practice including diverse approaches that range from
utilitarian and designed objects to sculpture, installations,
site-specific works and performative events.

A member driven organization, NCECA is enriched by the innovation and
vision that emerges from our community to present ceramic art of the
highest caliber in the form of Concurrent Exhibitions (CEs). These
exhibitions represent an important feature of NCECA’s Annual Conference
experience bringing high visibility to the work of participating
artists. Moreover, NCECA’s efforts to site and promote Concurrent
Exhibitions expand awareness of and engagement with ceramic art for
audiences that travel to and reside throughout the conference’s host

NCECA promotes CEs through the print conference guide, app, website,
Blog and social media. While NCECA makes efforts to cluster the shows
within art/ cultural districts to maximize viewer attendance, it is not
able to guarantee that all exhibition venues will be included on tour

2017 Exhibitions Focus
NCECA seeks exhibition proposals that have conceptual resonance with the theme of its 51st annual conference, Future FluxThe
conference will take place in Portland, Oregon and NCECA specifically
seeks Concurrent Exhibition proposals that resonate with our theme.  As
journey’s end for Lewis and Clark in the early 18th century, expedition and discovery have
framed our imagination of the Pacific Northwest. As we pass beyond
NCECA’s first fifty years, the interconnection of mind, materials, and
transformation at the heart of ceramic process, art and education can
serve as trail heads to our future. Our creative work in the 21st century increasingly engages with hybrid practices, issues of diversity, notions of community and dynamic change. How
will more sustainable models of ceramic art and education continue to
evolve? What are the essential competencies and capacities for ceramic
artists and educators today and for the future? How can we continue to
draw from rich historic traditions while reinvigorating their relevance
in rapidly changing global societies? 
Portland, Oregon, a city of
rivers, makers, and entrepreneurs is an ideal vantage point from which
to investigate these questions and others. NCECA seeks Concurrent
Exhibition proposals that will help transport us to the ways that
ceramic art and education will continue to matter going forward.

All proposals and accompanying support materials must be submitted online by midnight Wednesday, February 3, 2016 (EDT).  

Full details here: http://nceca.net/concurrent-exhibition-proposals/