Ceramic Studio Practice and Arts Publishing Internship

Tandem Ceramics and Studio Potter are
combining forces to offer a dual internship in two different yet
congruent parts of the ceramics field: arts publishing and studio

The internship will be split into two sections: one half of the internship will be working with Studio Potter
editor, Elenor Wilson, assisting in publication production, archive
development, marketing and social media management, and membership
building; the second half will be working as a studio assistant under
Justine Barrett Figura of Tandem Ceramics, assisting in ceramic
production, market research, studio maintenance, and social media

The ideal candidate is a student (undergrad or grad) or emerging
artist with an interest in any of the following: writing, editing,
pottery, ceramics, art history, studio management, pottery production,
slip casting, plaster mold making, documentation/marketing of work.
Experience in plaster mold making and slip casting highly preferred but
not required.

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Dates + Duration: Summer or Fall, 6 – 12 weeks
Pay Type: Paid
Weekly Commitment: 8-12 hours/week part-time
Application Due Date: May 1st / Rolling
HOW TO APPLY: Send your CV or resume with cover letter to justine.b.figura@gmail.com

apprenticeship opportunity with Marcelina Salazar


… a bit about me: 

came to ceramics as a second career. Having basically just graduated
from a bachelor degree that I had no interest in pursuing any further, I
was very hesitant to enroll in an academic ceramics program. So I
looked for training in practice, and was disappointed to find so little
in this regard in Canada.

So, I did go to school. First Fleming College, and then Sheridan. But I
also had the fortune of working for other potters (Thomas Aitken,
Gleason Brook Pottery). Without dismissing my ceramic college
experience, I think I learned just as much (if not more) by working at a
real pottery studio. 

that my studio has been in operation for a few years, it is time for me
to think about growing a little , but also about giving back. I am
hoping that this apprenticeship experience will offer what I was looking
for when I was first getting started: an opportunity to see the real
workings of a functioning studio, that would provide a safe and
nourishing environment in which to continue learning. 

In exchange for 32 hours a week of labour (May/August), I offer facilities, materials, room & board, and a stipend. 

The apprentice
does not do any throwing for me. The idea behind the 32 hour week, is
that there is enough time left to make their own work, and hone their
making skills (whatever they may be) while focusing on developing and
clarifying their own voice.

I work in porcelain and fire a bourry box wood kiln regularly. This
means that a large portion of the studio tasks centre around wood prep
and kiln maintenance, and of course firing. Other studio tasks would
include preparing work for glaze firing (bisque firing, glazing,
wadding), mixing glazes, clay preparation, gallery up-keep, basic book
keeping, inventory tracking, social media management, etc.

The successful
applicant will be responsible, hardworking, fired up and hungry to learn
(with me) about wood firing, and running a small studio. They should
also be able and willing to do physically demanding work, and (learn how
to) use power tools.

apprenticeship opportunity: Cook on Clay

The Zakin Apprenticeship

Sponsored by the Allied Arts Foundation, Seattle, Washington
Managed by Maryon Attwood and Robbie Lobell, Cook on Clay LLC

The Zakin Women in Studio Arts, Design, Business, and Manufacturing
Apprenticeship Program is an exceptional opportunity for a potter to
learn the combined skills required for today’s contemporary studio
artist, including the business of art, design, and related manufacturing

Apprenticeships are one- to two-year, hands-on learning opportunities.

The Apprentice is provided with studio space, use of studio equipment,
and inexpensive living quarters. There are nominal materials and firing
fees. Apprenticeships require 25 hours per week of work for Cook on
Clay. The Apprentice learns the importance of being part of a team, and
is mentored and tutored in studio work, design and manufacturing
practices, and managing a small artisan-based business.

Cook on Clay has two educational settings:

  • The studios are located on our 10-acre homestead in Coupeville on
    Whidbey Island, 30 miles northwest of Seattle, WA. Ceramic classes and
    studio equipment are located here, along with a 70 cubic foot soda kiln.
  • The production Annex is located a few miles from the studio, and is
    where manufacturing (hydraulic pressing and finishing), glazing,
    bisquing, firing, and packaging take place.

Whidbey Island offers a large arts community, small family farms and
unsurpassed natural beauty. Hiking, biking, kayaking and beachcombing
are readily accessible in this spectacular corner of the country. An
array of sales opportunities is available, including cooperative
galleries, farmer’s markets, studio tours, and craft fairs.

Apprenticeship Program Outline
Apprenticeship Details



Work opportunities @ Society for Contemporary Craft

It’s that time of year again! SCC is looking
for the best and brightest emerging artists and arts leaders to join
our team. We are committed to nurturing the next generation of arts management professionals and makers, and we’re gearing up to welcome our 2015 Cheteyan Scholar and Studio Apprentice. Follow the links below to apply!  
and previous President of the SCC Board, Judy Cheteyan, has been an
invaluable asset to the arts community in Pittsburgh. Both Judy and her
husband Michael believe that the arts and education make for a stronger
community; therefore, affordable exposure to both is crucial for
citizens. The Judy Cheteyan Scholarship Fund is an annual paid summer
internship offered through Contemporary Craft that provides a college or
graduate student with the opportunity to gain professional experience
within an internationally known contemporary craft organization. The
scholarship will be used to pay a $3,000 stipend to the student during
the internship. 
The deadline to apply is January 15, 2015. 
Society for Contemporary Craft is offering a yearlong studio
apprenticeship to an emerging artist seeking to develop professional
studio management skills by working with one of the nation’s only
nonprofits focusing exclusively on creation, exhibition, and education
across all contemporary craft media. The apprentice scholarship offers a
monthly stipend and an additional $300 per month housing allowance.
This opportunity will provide a young artist with tools to be successful
through mentoring from SCC staff and visiting artists, professional
development, and networking opportunities. 
The deadline to apply is January 15, 2015. 



Society for Contemporary Craft

2100 Smallman Street – in the Strip District!
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

job posting: Right Off The Batt Pottery in Prince Edward Island

Off The Batt Pottery in Prince Edward Island has got some news to share
!  We’re on the look-out again for another Production Potter (or maybe
two ?) to add to our team.  The following info will provide the nuts
& bolts type info, but if you have any other questions PLEASE don’t
hesitate to ask ! 

Off The Batt has enjoyed a lot of success over the past year and as a
result we have another position for a somewhat-experienced full-time
permanent production potter for throwing.  We have a complete line of
forms (table & kitchenware) that are of a functional design.  Our
work has often been described as “Meat & Potatoes” pottery, which is
a compliment to us as we’ve always created our work to be “consumed” by
a wide market.  Nothing fancy… just functional and durable.  We offer
9 lines that come from 4 modifications of 1 design line if that makes
sense to you.  For instance, one mug form becomes 4 designs which are
glazed differently to create 9 lines.  Our forms are very consistent
with dimensions and weights for each product well established, and are
the result of significant design and functionality consideration.  From
time to time we stretch ourselves out a little by creating one-of-a-kind
items for our Gallery, but for the most part our potters focus on
faithful recreation.
is in fact a permanent full-time position with 3-4 weeks off for
Christmas then back at it in mid-Jan.  We would start a new production
potter at $14 hourly for a 37.5 or 40-hr week.  After a 3-month period
that rate would be up for review.  We are very flexible as far as hours
go i.e. if you’re a late riser then come in later and work later.  Next
year we plan on transferring some of our work over to a jigger operation
as the volume is proving to be too much.  This change will in no way
eliminate the need for someone to be at the wheel.  Primary
responsibility will be wheel work but the right person will also have
input to design decisions, glaze development, kiln work and numerous
other opportunities that can be considered.  We try to work as a team so
with this position you could be as involved as you choose once familiar
with the operation.
Our team is presently made up of:
Cindy – Owner, Business Manager, head of creative
Darryl – Co-Owner, Production Manager, HR Guy, plant maintenance
2 Production Potters on the wheel (45% of our product)
2 Hand Builders (55% of our product)
1 Shipper / Receiver / Inventory Girl
1 Hard-Working Clean Up Guy
Right Off The Batt Pottery (or ROTB)
is in its 5th year of operation.  We have 120+ retailers across Canada
and into the states and thanks to our recent addition of an Ontario
Sales Rep that number is growing monthly.  We use up approximately 14
tons of custom clay yearly and a ridiculous amount of glaze.  Our wasted
material remains less than 1% thanks to an over-worked pug mill. We
have a dust control program with equipment being added as we grow and
we’re very safety conscious.  In our 5 years we’ve had a twisted ankle
and I burnt my finger the other day swapping out a hot thermocouple.
also offer an experiential product during the tourist season called
Play in Clay where folks are taught to hand build then turned loose once
they have enough knowledge to be dangerous.  Part of that very
successful product (over 500 participants last year) is a quick
20-minute demo on the wheel where there are always ooohhhhs and
aaaaahhhhhs as you may expect.  We do not offer wheel classes but get
considerable inquiries.
There are some good pics here http://tinyurl.com/bnubfsp and here http://tinyurl.com/bqoh4aj
to give you an idea of what our facility looks like.  The pics are from
our Grand Re-Opening held last summer after the huge-big move to our
present spot.  In the first album you’ll see a pic of Carley our
longest-serving employee and all-round fantastic Studio Dog.
Borden-Carleton area is a small town with an old school grocery store,
Tim Horton’s (yay), Subway, Liquor Store (yay for some) and a school. 
There are also a few other larger employers as well.  More info on the
town is at http://www.borden-carleton.ca/
Real Estate
on PEI is very inexpensive compared to a lot of Canada.  My brother was
looking for a place in the country and most of what he found was less
than $150K with some land and a couple out-buildings.  Life on PEI is
not only very picturesque but relaxed as well.  Shopping, entertainment
and the like are usually found either in Charlottetown
(the birthplace of confederation and about 40-minutes away), Moncton
(about an hour away) or Halifax (less than 3 hours away).  The closest
city to Borden-Carleton is Summerside
at about 15,000 folks and 20-minutes away.  As PEI has minimal natural
resources other than farming and fisheries they have become very culture
oriented.  The Artisanal community on PEI is gaining its voice thanks
in part to organizations like Culture PEI, The PEI Crafts Council, The Guild, PEI Council of the Arts and many festivals throughout the year such as The Festival of Small Halls
for potential potters who may be interested, we can Skype / face time
an initial introduction then possibly host someone if they’d like to
come out to get a better look around.  We are looking to fill this
position ASAP, and would greatly appreciate it if you could distribute
the info for this opportunity as wide as possible to the clay
you all in advance, and please let me know if you can or cannot help us
out by passing this opportunity along, or if there’s someone else you
feel I should be talking to about this opportunity.
My best,
Darryl Lentz
(902) 855-2529 or 1-888-PEI-CLAY  (734-2529)
FAX (902) 855-2526
Visit       www.rightoffthebatt.com
Shop     www.rotbstore.com