technical tuesday: Electric Kiln – A guide to Clays, Glazes and Electric Kilns

Richard Zakin and Frederick Bartolovic have come out with another must-have resource for the studio. Electric Kiln: A guide to Clays, Glazes, and Electric Kilns (fourth edition) is a throughout and visually stunning book for emerging through to advanced artists working in electric firing. Learn how to push boundaries and over come challenges in the studio with this new publication.  It’s also filled with tons of eye candy from many of today’s best contemporary makers.

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new book: Sustainable Ceramics by Robert Harrison

and more, artists are interested in producing work that’s not only
beautifully designed and produced, but also environmentally friendly and
socially responsible. In Sustainable Ceramics, pioneer Robert
Harrison draws on more than forty years of working in clay to present
practical possibilities for ceramic artists. This book covers all the
factors to consider when going ‘green’, from fuels and alternative
firing technology to energy-saving methods, sustainable ways to collect
and use clay itself, and ways to deal with waste materials and save
water. Harrison suggests simple and achievable methods by which to
reduce the carbon footprint of ceramic art, and offers examples
throughout of potters and clay artists who reclaim, reuse and recycle in
their work. Sustainable Ceramics is an essential resource for
any ceramicist, studio or school wishing to reduce the impact of their
practice on the environment.”

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New Book: The Uncommon Denominator: A Tribute to Richard Hirsch

The Uncommon Denominator: A Tribute to Richard Hirsch presents
a spectrum of aesthetic eloquence and technical mastery in the ceramic
arts. The traveling exhibition and accompanying catalog celebrate the
career of Richard Hirsch through the work of a selection of his alumni.
Hirsch has achieved professional recognition both as a ceramic artist
and teacher.

During his teaching career, which has spanned over thirty years, he
has been a faculty member of two prominent craft programs: the Program
in Artisanry at Boston University, and currently, the School for
American Crafts at Rochester Institute of Technology. Many of Hirsch’s
former students have established their own outstanding careers in the
contemporary ceramics field. Represented in The Uncommon Denominator are
notable examples of the renaissance in utilitarian pottery, continued
interest in the vessel aesthetic, and the investigation of both
figurative and abstract sculpture.

For more on Richard Hirsch, see With Fire in hardcover and softcover

Publisher: RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press (January, 2004)
ISBN-10: 0-9759651-3-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-9759651-3-9
Binding: Laminated paperback
Pages: 56
Illustrations: 39 Full color
Size: 11 x 8 in.

technical tuesday: Natural Glazes: Collecting and Making

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“Making your own glazes is a fascinating and rewarding process, even more
so when making them from collected ingredients. With little equipment
and following a few basic principles, it is possible to harvest glaze
ingredients from your local environment, such as clay, subsoil, plants
and seashells, to achieve beautiful results in the kiln. Whether you
wish to make an entire glaze using collected materials, or just want to
use them as additions to existing base recipes, Miranda Forrest explains
how to source and prepare natural ingredients, from degraded rocks to
seaweed, as well as giving step-by-step instructions for mixing a glaze,
testing samples, and finally applying glazes and firing your work.
Contributions from contemporary ceramicists who use natural glaze
ingredients give a detailed insight into their working methods and
intriguing results. Encouraging experimentation and a creative approach,
Natural Glazes is a vital resource for anyone wishing to work in a more
natural, sustainable way to develop their unique glaze effects.”

“Miranda Forrest is a working ceramicist and graduate of the BA Honours
degree at the Glasgow School of Art. Based on the beautiful and remote
Outer Hebrides, off the west coast of Scotland, she develops her glazes
from locally collected ingredients and the surrounding environment
inspires her work.”

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human figure has been represented in clay throughout history and
continues to evolve today. Artists are working with the figure in new
ways, playing with materials and forms, and making use of new
technologies to produce challenging and unconventional work, from the
intact whole figure to the fragmented, hybrid and abstract. Divided by
broad themes, each chapter features a variety of different expressive
works from a range of international ceramic artists. This book explores
the role of figurative ceramics through history and in contemporary
contexts, and also reveals the methods of six key contemporary artists,
using how-to images to illustrate their techniques. “
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