help support Pots on Wheels! (and of course gets some sweet pots out of the deal!)

Massachusetts-based arts organization raising funds to create mobile clay gallery & learning center Pots On Wheels (POW!) represents the collaboration of one hundred potters to launch a KickStarter online fundraising effort. The fundraiser began Nov. 4 and runs to Dec. 1.

11.05.14 Massachusetts — Pots On Wheels (going by its acronym, POW!) is initiating a fundraising campaign through the website KickStarter to purchase a commercial-size van that will enable local ceramic artists to bring the hand-made experience of pottery to under-served communities. The KickStarter campaign is remarkable for the fact that over 100 potters have donated work to help raise support. Individuals who pledge to the POW! KickStarter will have the choice to receive an original work of ceramic art from among hundreds of donated pieces, or other pledge incentives. The POW! KickStarter campaign begins November 4 and runs until December 1.

Hayne Bayless, one of the founding artists behind POW!, said, “Having a hundred artists supporting the success of our KickStarter is very exciting. From emerging artists to some who are internationally known, their participation speaks to the spirit of collaboration that is at the heart of our mobile gallery and clay learning project.”

POW! will use the funds it raises to purchase and modify a commercial-sized van to create a flexible space for collaborative community clay projects. This van will reach under-served neighborhoods and settings where art studio and display space is at a premium or otherwise unavailable. POW! is a collaboration between several Massachusetts-based artists: Hannah Niswonger, Adero Willard, Sam Taylor, Mark Shapiro, Arthur Halvorsen, Kathy King, and Hayne Bayless (of CT) in partnership with area arts institutions including the Society of Arts & Crafts (Boston), the Ceramics Program at Harvard University (Cambridge), and Mudflat Studio (Somerville).

“The name ‘Pots On Wheels’ describes what our program will provide to communities throughout our area, but the name ‘POW!’ describes the kind of impact that we believe the arts can have in people’s lives.” said Hannah Niswonger. “In this day and age when the arts are being stripped from schools, we and our partner organizations like the Society of Arts & Crafts see an incredible need to deliver the experience of fine craft. The KickStarter campaign is the first step.”

KickStarter is an established fund-raising website on which individuals pledge donation amounts to organizations or businesses, each of which has its own page within the KickStarter site. The POW! KickStarter page ( ) has more information about the project; photographs of many of the donated works of original art can be found at the POW! website:

The POW! KickStarter campaign will run from November 4 to December 1.
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Media Contact: Hannah Niswonger PHONE: 781-729-4398 EMAIL:

Lineage: The Art of Mentorship (Counsler Coach, Leader Friend)

Clay Art Center is pleased to present Lineage: The Art of Mentorship,
curated by artist and educator Gail Kendall, this exhibition showcases
artist-educators and their chosen protégés, exhibiting the importance
and impact of the tutelage of the artists of our future. Lineage: The
Art of Mentorship highlights work by Artists from both in and out of
academia as both have had a profound impact on clay culture.

while similar to teaching, is a closer relationship than that of the
classic student/ teacher connection. The protégé is more than a student;
the mentor is more than a teacher. Mentors experience value or,
MUTUALITY, when they interact with their partners. The relationship
demands boundary crossings, thus: counselor, coach, leader, and friend.

*check out our website to find out more about these accomplished artists and their mentor/protégé relationship

Artists were chosen because of their mastery in the field of ceramics-
not only in objects and ideas, but in the generation of other artists.
Each artist in turn invited an artist with whom they feel this strong

In conjunction with the exhibition Lineage: The Art of Mentorship, Clay Art Center would like for you to tell us about your mentorship relationships. We will post video, audio and written submissions on our blog. Selected submissions can also be viewed in our gallery in an evolving compilation.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Clay Art Center wants to know:
•    1)      Who is your mentor?
•    2)      What did you learn from you mentor?
•    3)      How did you take it into your future?
•    4)      How was this significant to you?
•    5)      Are you a mentor now?

•    Instagram: short videos and images. Tag clayartcenter and use hashtags #lineagetheartofmentorship #clayartcenter, #lineage
•    Facebook: comment on Clay Art Center’s page with images and text using hashtags #lineagetheartofmentorship #clayartcenter #lineage
•    Blog: leave comments here
•    Email:
•    In person in the Gallery: in writing or using our iPad to record video

Lineage: The Art of Mentorship opens in Clay Art Center’s Gallery on September 27 and runs through November 15, 2014.

Each participating artist has supplied us with some text to describe their relationship. You can purchase a compile booklet of this Lineage road map in the Gallery beginning opening night.  Participating artists range from emerging to established in their careers, are listed in pairs of invited artist with their chosen protégé and include:
•    Liz Quackenbush : Erin Furimsky
•    Linda Arbuckle : Alyssa Welch
•    Scott Chamberlin : Sarah White
•    Eddie Dominguez : Nathan Murray
•    Brad Schwieger : Andrea Keys Connell
•    Bill Griffith : Thaddeus Erdahl
•    Linda Sikora : Sanam Emami
•    Jeff Oestreich : Charlie Maag
•    Mark Pharis : Sam Chung
•    Peter Beasecker : Brooks Oliver
•    Dan Anderson : Joe Pintz
•    Silvie Granatelli : Elisa DeFeo
•    Mark Shapiro : Michael McCarthy
•    Julia Galloway : Sean O’Connell
•    Doug Casebeer : Seth Green
•    Alleghany Meadows : Steven Colby
•    Vince Pitelka : TJ Edwards
•    Cynthia Bringle : Gertrude Graham Smith
•    Richard Notkin : Tip Toland
•    Chris Gustin : Dan Molyneux

27th Annual North Carolina Potters Conference


The North Carolina Potters Conference is a premier ceramics
conference.  Through its history the conference has featured the some of
the best ceramics artists from around the world.  This conference
centers on simultaneous demonstrations cultivating a dialogue of
techniques, concepts, and experiences between the artists and the
audience.  Unlike other conferences, you do not have to pick and choose
with workshops to attend.  All the demonstrations and presentations are
scheduled for the entire group. Potters at any skill level will come
away with new ideas and inspiration to improve their work.  Even
non-potters have found the weekend a worthwhile introduction into the
world of ceramics.

A Chosen Path: The Ceramic Art of Karen Karnes

KARNES Flower-Container 1997
Karen Karnes, Flower Container, 1997. 
Glazed stoneware, woodfired, 9 3/4 x 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 in. 
Collection of Abel Weinrib.

JUNE 23 – SEPTEMBER 30, 2012

For more than 60 years, Karen Karnes has been at the forefront of the studio-pottery movement. Her artistic output is recognized for its understated, quietly poetic surfaces, and sublime biomorphic forms. From her dramatic salt-glazed pottery of the 1960s and ’70s to her most recent sculptural work, Karnes consistently has challenged herself and transformed expectations of the vessel. She remains one of the medium’s most influential working makers and a mentor to several generations of studio potters. “A Chosen Path: The Ceramic Art of Karen Karnes,” her first major retrospective, will highlight 69 masterworks from this pioneering artist. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue edited by ceramist Mark Shapiro and ceramics historian Garth Clark.

A Chosen Path: The Ceramic Art of Karen Karnes is supported in part by a grant from The Windgate Charitable Trust Foundation.

Exhibition-related programs: Open Docent Colloquium: Peter Held on Karen Karnes
Sat, June 23, 2012 – 10:30 AM

216 O Street
Sacramento, CA 95814