Think Big 1 and 2 starting January 5th!

Ben Carter and Molly Hatch
are running a new session of THINK BIG! and Think Big 2 at the same
time! So if you missed out on
the opportunity to take one of these in the past, your opportunity is
here to take the series you missed starting January 5th, 2017!
All content available through March 30, 2017. Remember, you get to work at your own pace!
How does the E-Series work?
Each week Ben Carter or Molly Hatch host a themed
conversation built around a topic that will help you discover ways to
find new audiences, market your business and sell your work. These
interviews are available at your own pace and will be released once a
week for six consecutive weeks. After all the lectures have been posted,
you will STILL have an additional six weeks to access course
information and bonus materials to continue work AT YOUR OWN PACE!
Participants are encouraged to discuss the videos each
week with a prompted discussion group online. Through the discussion
board you can connect with other members of the series and reflect on
questions and new ideas that come up for you each week. Molly and Ben
will be watching the group discussions and joining in to add our
experience with the topic. The discussions are ongoing and accessible
throughout the entire series, so you can participate at your own pace,
regardless of your time zone.
In addition to the weekly interviews and discussions
downloadable worksheets will help you work through topics each week and
generate task lists for getting your goals achieved! The worksheets are
for you to keep and work through as you engage with the course material.
By the end of the six weeks, you will have gathered new thoughts and
ideas, and you will have a clear direction moving forward in your
creative business–on to BIG THINGS
Find out more here.

technical tuesday: Mariko Paterson of Forage Studios shares some techniques

Mariko Paterson, of Halifax’s Forage Studios (
has opened up
her virtual toolbox to share some of her ceramic techy ways. The series
of 4
short videos give a quick tutorial on her modified mishima technique (PS
a tip
of the hat to Molly Hatch for inspiring her). A brief description of the
processes can be found as captions for each Instagram Post, but her
audience has helped flesh things out with their subsequent line of
considerate questions. How she
transfers image on to clay, the tools she uses and the “wipe on, wipe
technique involved in her staining techniques are questions she is often
fielded and is happy to answer. “Sharing is caring,” she replied to a
Facebook post that
otherwise cautioned her to guard her secrets for she, herself, is really
just adapting a time honoured ceramic technique. That said, she
completely understands
that many ceramic artists have honed their craft for years and years and
not be so willing to oblige. To Mariko, she is sharing the very basics,
when she started off on this process s took her about a year and a half
to “perfect.”
And she says, “practice makes perfect, but style is earned!” So pull up
her Instagram
feed (@foragestudios), and get stylin’!

The video clips can be found
the top of Mariko Paterson’s most current Instagram Feed
(@foragestudios) and under the “Bits” section of her www.foragestudios website. Just click on the Star Techy link under that heading.

Think Big 2 – Starts on Thursday – Register NOW

Molly Hatch and Ben Carter for THINK BIG 2: Mastering the Marketplace, a six
week interview series designed to propel your ceramic career to the next
Featuring interviews with successful artists, gallerists and editors.

This six-week series covers a wide range of
topics from wholesale vs. retail sales, gallery do’s and don’ts,
publishing articles to increase your audience, and generating sales from
social media. In today’s art market, artists have to be more than just
makers. We are makers, marketers, sales people, web designers, and so
much more. We designed the course to help you build the skills you need
to expand your creative business, learn tricks of the trade, and think
beyond the traditional methods of reaching your market. Sign up today
and take the next step towards a successful business.

Sign up before February 4th and receive the early bird discount of $99. After February 4th the course is just $149. Click here to sign up now – Buy Now

How does the E-course work?

Each week we will send you a link to a video interview with a new guest
around a themed topic. The go-at-your-own pace of  the series allows you
to listen to the interviews when ever you have the time. We encourage
participants to discuss the videos each week with a prompted discussion
group online, where you can connect with other members of the series and
have a community discussion about the topics that come up for you
each week. Molly and I will be watching the group discussions
and joining in. In addition to the video interviews and discussions each
week, we will include downloadable bonus material in the form of a
series of worksheets. The worksheets are for you to keep and work
through at your own pace. By the end of the six weeks, you will have new
inspiration for expanding your creative business and a clear direction
for moving forward–on to BIG THINGS!

Justin Rothshank on generating sales through social media
Naomi Cleary  on do’s and don’ts for dealing with galleries
Jessica Knapp on working with the press
Keith Kreeger on working with restaurants as clients
Nicole Aquillano on selling wholesale vs. retail
Lindsay Osteritter on Objective Clay and the online cooperative gallery

About the participants

Justin Rothshank- Studio artist based in Goshen, IN. For more information visit

Naomi Cleary- Studio artist and gallery manager (The Clay Studio) based in Philadelphia, PA. For more information visit

Jessica Knapp- Studio artist and editor of Ceramics Monthly in Columbus, OH. For more information visit

Keith Kreeger- Studio artist based in Austin, TX. For more information visit

Nicole Aquillano- Studio artist based in Boston, MA. For more information visit

Lindsay Osteritter- For more information visit

Sign up before February 4th and receive the early bird discount of $99. After February 4th the course is just $149. Buy Now

About the hosts:

To find out more about your hosts for THINK BIG 2 please visit our websites.

Ben Carter and Molly Hatch present: Think Big!

If you missed it last time make sure to join for this fall’s course!

Think Big! Is a six-week
interview series designed to get you and your ceramic career launched!
Co-hosted by Ben Carter of Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast and
artist-designer Molly Hatch this six week series covers a wide range of
topics to help you develop an audience and market both online and in
galleries and craft fairs. Learn about good ways to market your work,
listen to Anthropologie buyer discuss working with larger companies,
hear all about getting a book published as well as a discussion about
what licensing is!

Have you ever wanted to
collaborate with a big company like Anthropologie? Publish a book? Sell
more of your work? Well you are in the right place. Join us for THINK

In today’s art market, artists have to be more than just makers.
We are makers, marketers, sales people, web designers, and so much more.
Think Big! is a six week series of interviews with successful ceramic
artists, art agents, dream clients and book editors. This series of
interviews is designed to help you build the skills you need to expand
your creative business, learn some tricks of the trade and think beyond
the traditional methods of reaching your market.


CLICK HERE to watch the Think Big! Video Trailer on Vimeo

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upcoming exhibition: Both Artist & Mother (NCECA) & Conanicut Clay

Artist: Molly Hatch; Title: Dresden I; Photo: John

Two exhibitions will open during the NCECA conference in March – Both Artist & Mother and Conanicut Clay.

Opening Reception: Friday, March 27, 6 – 8pm

Gallery Hours:

March 22 – 28 (during NCECA conference): Sunday, 10:00am – 2:00pm;
Monday – Thursday 9:30am – 5:00pm; Friday 9:30am – 8:00pm; Saturday
10:00am – 2:00pm

March 29 – April 30: Wednesday – Saturday 10:00am – 2:00pm

Both Artist & Mother (NCECA)

Curated by Kate Fisher

In our contemporary ceramic community, many women have gracefully
tackled the lively experiment that is being both artist and mother.
These dual roles simultaneously impact each other both practically and
conceptually. As many women have discovered, to experience maternity is
to epitomize the vessel. This along with clay’s often-recognized
metaphoric relationship to the stages of life itself provides artists
who utilize clay in their work a unique perspective on the
art/motherhood lively experiment.

Over the past year, Kate Fisher has been surveying, interviewing and
documenting a cross section of ceramic artists who are also mothers.
Examining how children, or the circumstances of their lives as they
include them, changed and impacted the work these artists choose to make
and/or how they make it. This exhibition features the women of Kate’s
research collaborations and the creative work they make in their studio

Participating Artists:

(Interviewed Mothers)

Jen Allen, Kate Fisher, Erin Furminsky, Molly Hatch, Alicia Mack,
Jess Parker, Kristin Pavelka, Amy Smith, Mikey Walsh, Rhonda Willers,
Summer Zickefoose

(Mentor Mothers)

Linda Christianson, Jeannie Hulen, Julie Johnson, Eva Kwong, Kari Radasch, Ellen Shankin

As part of this exhibition, participating artist, Amy Smith, will run
a demo at the Jamestown Arts Center from 6 – 8pm on Tuesday, March 24.
More information to come.

Conanicut Clay (concurrent exhibit during NCECA conference)

Organized by Jillian Barber and Susie Matthews

This exhibition showcases the ceramic artwork created by 10 artists
who either live in or work on Conanicut Island. This show represents and
celebrates Jamestown’s ceramics community during the 2015 National
Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) conference, taking
place in Rhode Island March 25-28. Each artist has a different approach
to clay, demonstrating the potential of the ceramic medium and its
diverse applications

Participating Artists: Jillian Barber, Jennifer
Clancy, Craig Crawford, Connie Payne Enright, Peter Flood, Lisa Harris,
Martin Keen, Susan Matthews, Robin Monihan, Natalie Squillante