Bridging the Gap: Traditional Techniques Made Modern – Workshop

Want to take your pottery forms to the next level? Want to put a contemporary twist on your traditional forms? Want to learn how to develop a personal style? Join fellow ceramic enthusiasts on October 13–15th at Queen City Clay in Cincinnati, Ohio for a dynamic workshop and learn from four professional ceramic artists: Tony Clennell, Josh DeWeese, Liz Howe, and Didem Mert. 
The presenters will explore and teach contemporary ideas on the following:
  • combining soft slabs, coils, pinching, and bisque molds to build functional forms
  • how to use terra sigillata, slips, and underglazes together on the same surface
  • throwing large forms and drastically altering them to create fresh ideas
  • composite throwing: combining various pieces together to create one vessel
  • extreme handles: thrown, pulled, and handbuilt handles
  • how to cut out stencils to create pictures using the functional clay form as a canvas
  • and, a whole lot more! 
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Deliberate Designs Ceramic Workshop

Join us on April 21-23, 2017 at the Morean Center for Clay.
420 22nd St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712.
Presentations from Brice Dyer, Melissa Mencini, Jeremy Randall, and Lindsay Scypta.
 Exploring a wide range of forming and surface treatments, our
presenters will incorporate design elements in the early construction
stage, as well as at the leather hard stage and beyond. And as always,
questions are encouraged thorughout the presentations. While each artist
has their own distinct style, the techniques demonstrated can be
adapted for your personal aesthetic and help take your ceramic expertise
to the next level! View the schedule!
Special thanks to our sponsors: Amaco-Brent, Mayco, Shimpo & Highwater Clays of Florida!
Are you a student? Apply for a scholarship to attend this workshop! Due by March 17. Download application (PDF) or (Word). Questions? Email Adriane Cesa.

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Kate Maury workshop

May 2, 2015
Columbus, Ohio
One-Day Workshop Featuring Kate Maury
Presented by Mayco and Potters Council 
This workshop will present handbuilt and
thrown functional ware with both commercial and hand made sprig mold
embellishments. Attendees will have a hands-on demonstration of casting a
one part mold for sprig use. Sprigs will then be explored in a variety
of embellishing techniques on and off wheel in making and assembling
highly decorative functional ware.

Potters Council upcoming workshop

October 11-13, 2013 | Minneapolis, MN


Playing with fire
have five talented presenters who will provide instructions on
alternative firing surfaces, firing processes and different types of
kilns. We will be doing three hands on firing sessions: raku, aluminum
foil saggar, and pit firing. You’ll learn skills to create your own
approach to surfaces and how they relate to different alternative
firings. Presenters will show you how to play with fire and have you
ready to experiment in your studio.
you throw or handbuild, this conference has something for you to take
back to your studio. This conference is open to artists at all levels:
from enthusiastic amateur, to the teacher, and for the professional. No
matter your skill level, if you’re open to learning and connecting with
other ceramic artists then this is the conference for YOU!
Deadline to SAVE $50 is Sunday, July 28 Register Now
Limited Spots Available
how to fire a raku kiln and how to convert an electric kiln into a
gas-fired kiln suitable for raku; Learn how to fire large work in a
small kiln; How to apply decoration in alternative firing processes:
raku, carbon marking, saggar, smoke firing, drawing on bisque slabs,
applying latex and glaze, and the addition of luster lines; to create
rich colors and microcrystalline surface details; Participate in hands on firing: aluminum foil saggar, pit firing, and raku horsehair and feather. Read more…  
Presenter: Billy Ray Mangham
Billy Ray Mangham

Presenter: Marcia Selsor
Marcia Selsor

Presenter: David Sturm
David Sturm
Presenter: Ken Turner
Ken Turner

Presenter: Sumi von Dassow
Sumi von Dassow