job posting: Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Australian Ceramics

The Australian Ceramics Association Board regrets to announce the resignation of Claire Atkins as Editor (Content) of The Journal of Australian Ceramics. We are grateful for her contribution to the magazine this year and for the changes that have been implemented. We thank Claire for the hard work, enthusiasm and creativity she has put into the role, and wish her all the best in her career, both in ceramics and as a writer and editor.

Position Vacant: Editorial Assistant
The Journal of Australian Ceramics

Applications close 5pm, Monday 18 December 2017.


  • The Editorial Assistant (EA) reports to the Editor.
  • The EA will support the Editor to administer and plan The Journal of Australian Ceramics.
  • The EA will need to prioritise deadlines so magazine copy is always accurate, original and relevant.
  • The EA needs be able to deliver exceptional and informative content to meet audience preferences.


  • Collaborate with the Editor to research and plan new articles
  • Commission articles
  • Liaise with artists, authors and photographers to ensure deadlines are met and changes to content are approved
  • Write and edit articles
  • Proofread and check articles for accuracy
  • Choose supporting material – images and illustrations
  • Work closely with the Editor and graphic designer on layout of articles and pages
  • Follow current events and developments and suggest original ideas
  • Use social media to draw attention to articles
  • Provide administrative support to the Editor


  • Understanding of ceramics from an aesthetic and technical point of view
  • Relevant previous employment  and/or employment experience
  • Excellent computer skills – word processing (Microsoft Office) and image processing
  • Understanding of deadlines and the ability to work to an inflexible deadline
  • High level writing skills and a good command of the English language
  • High level attention to detail
  • Ability to work in a team and with a management board
  • Ability to work unsupervised and to initiate ideas
  • Ability to prioritise and multi-task
  • Familiarity with social media platforms
  • Ability to work flexible hours over any 4 month cycle (per Journal publication). Weekly hours could range from 0 hours to 40 hours depending on the time in the cycle of production and publication.
  • Ability to work in Sydney


  • Tertiary arts training, high level interest in contemporary Australian ceramics, specifically, and the arts in general


  • The position is offered on a contract basis; approx. $6000 per issue (3 issues per year); 4-month probation period; 12-month contract


  • To apply, please send an email to, ATT: EDITORIAL ASSISTANT POSITION, outlining how you meet the requirements of this position, along with a 1-page CV/resume.

Applications close 5pm, Monday 18 December 2017.

If you require further information about the position, please contact me by email,, giving your name and best contact details.


Vicki Grima
Executive Officer, The Australian Ceramics Association
Editor, The Journal of Australian Ceramics
T: 1300 720 124; 0419 250 282

technical tuesday: Mimi L. Belleau’s “Technology of Ceramic Materials”

Mimi L. Belleau’s “Technology of Ceramic Materials” book is nearing completion. This exceptional work presents a multitude of techniques and materials used in the field of ceramics with a particular emphasis on the physical and chemical characteristics of the materials. About fifty drawings, nearly two hundred color photographs and a hundred synthetic paintings illustrate the 360 ​​pages of the book, and make it a unique and unavoidable reference book!

A few years ago, Mimi Belleau, a ceramist and pedagogue passionate about her craft, began writing a book on the technology of ceramic materials. Mimi has carried out a colossal research on a multitude of techniques and materials specific to the field of ceramics with a particular emphasis on the physical and chemical characteristics of the materials used in the composition of the glazes. Unfortunately, the illness took Mimi away before she was able to finalize her dream. In order to make this valuable work come into existence, several people have agreed to complete its project.

The preparation of the edition of the book Technology of ceramic materials is almost complete. We need your help so that the publication of this book meets the wishes of Mimi. This socio-financing campaign will allow us to cover the costs of printing and publishing. This important pedagogical work presents different techniques and methodologies specific to the exploration of ceramic materials as well as the development and the development of glazes. Many of these techniques are illustrated by works of some fifty Canadian ceramists who generously agreed to contribute to the publication of this book. A particular emphasis is placed on the diversity and know-how of contemporary Canadian ceramists. The book, written in French, presents the North American ceramic materials and will be the only book published in French in Canada and America. In all, about fifty drawings, nearly two hundred color photographs, a hundred synthetic paintings and five lab exercises illustrate the twenty-two chapters of the book, and make it a ceramic learning manual for beginners and amateurs in addition to being a reference work essential for professional ceramists.

This socio-financing campaign will allow us to reduce the cost of printing the book by taking a maximum of pre-orders. As a result of this socio-financing campaign, the book will be printed and published in December 2017. By contributing to this campaign, you will benefit from a pre-sale rate of $ 50 for the book that will be available thereafter at a cost of $ 60 plus taxes and handling fees. So you save $ 20! In addition, all additional donations will help cover the costs of editing and publishing. Contribute to our socio-financing campaign now and participate, in your own way, in the realization of Mimi’s dream.

Do not hesitate to share this socio-financing campaign in your networks in order to make this exceptional work accessible to a wide audience.

Thank you!



Easthampton, Massachusetts—Studio Potter seeks a Membership Director responsible for circulation management and strategic membership development. Studio Potter journal is a nationally and internationally recognized publication in its 45th year. It is the leading independent, non-profit ceramics publication in print and digital formats.

Preferred Qualifications:  Bachelor’s degree. Priority will be given to candidates with a degree in art, crafts, or design, knowledge of and experience in the ceramics field, and experience in non-profit administration or marketing and public relations.

Desired Skills: Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite (particularly Excel), cloud-based computing, content management systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and e-commerce platforms; graphic design and photo editing; organizational, research, and innovative thinking; public relations and social media.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Manage, maintain, and develop circulation, membership, and donor rosters
  • Act as the primary service representative to members of SP
  • Organize mailings and all promotional materials, both physical and electronic
  • Manage online retail sales of back issues and other SP merchandise
  • Attend major SP events to assist in sales management
  • Manage, maintain, and organize all contact lists and records
  • Assist in the development and execution of marketing campaigns in all media
  • Provide administrative and clerical support as needed
  • Be generally awesome

Hours and Pay: Up to 25 hours per week, flexible schedule, pay commensurate with experience

Contact: Interested and qualified applicants please send a brief cover letter and one-page resume to: Elenor Wilson, Executive Director/Editor at Position is open until filled.

technical tuesday: Graphic Clay by Jason Bige Burnett – Pre-order on Amazon

For studio artists, production potters, students, educators, and
hobbyists who love working with clay, this project-driven guide is an
unmatched teaching tool and a fount of information and inspiration.
Focusing on various surface processes, and encompassing skills ranging
from letterpress and printmaking to drawing and painting, it offers a
wealth of techniques for transferring images onto clay vessels. Graphic Clay
addresses such topics as staining sculptural work, glazing, brush
application, screenprinting patterns on pottery, and slip, drawing,
bisque, decal, stencils, and more. Question-and-answer sessions with top
artists show how they developed their signature method and personal
style-so that you can discover your own!

Buy it here! (pre-order to save money!)
Find out more about Jason Burnett here!

Ever thought of being an underwriter for The Studio Potter Journal?

One of the other great things I got to do at this years NCECA was to get the word out about The Studio Potter. I’m such a firm believer in this periodical that I joined their board of directors last year. It’s been an interesting learning curve figuring out the behind the scenes of a publication. Super interesting to say the least.

If you have yet to acquaint yourself with the journal I suggest you hightail it over to their website and get yourself signed up or at least check out the online sample here.

So I’m also as a board member in charge of the Support Pages of The Studio Potter. What’s that you ask? Well the journal is non-profit and thus doesn’t have traditional ads. Instead they have underwriters.

The Support Pages provide a unique opportunity for makers,
galleries, suppliers and educational institutions to promote and present
their products and programs.

The Support Pages are built into The Studio Potter journal. The Studio Potter monthly electronic newsletter will contain a link to the underwriters’ websites. The Studio Potter website will feature a .pdf of the current and previous Support Pages.

The Support Pages are printed in full color, with production consistent
with the high-quality, exceptional design and printing standards of The Studio Potter.

You can see examples of past underwriters of the journal here.

Anyway, my point in tell you all this is that I encourage you to get in touch with me at if you have any questions or if you might be interested in becoming a supporter of the journal through becoming an underwriter for The Studio Potter.