online workshop: The Head in Clay with Cristina Cordova

Because of the slow, gradual unfolding of a clay sculpture it is often hard to relay the full arc of a piece from beginning to end in the traditional workshop context. This course will offer an intimate vantage point to study and understand all of the steps, tools and materials that come into play to create a clay head. With the methods showcased in this course and the open floor chat sessions between demonstrations to answer questions you will be fully empowered to create clay heads of different scales in your own studio. This course includes supplemental printed material that follows the course structure and several opt-ins to customize your experience.


VIDEO MODULE 1: Before We BeginTools, Materials and Workspace Setup

VIDEO MODULE 2: Sourcing Anatomical References

VIDEO MODULE 3: Hollow Construction With Easy Patterns At Any Scale

VIDEO MODULE 4: The Skull Basics

VIDEO MODULE 5: Adding Features and Introducing Tools

VIDEO MODULE 6: Tricks and Techniques for Refining and Cleaning the Face


Think Big 1 and 2 starting January 5th!

Ben Carter and Molly Hatch
are running a new session of THINK BIG! and Think Big 2 at the same
time! So if you missed out on
the opportunity to take one of these in the past, your opportunity is
here to take the series you missed starting January 5th, 2017!
All content available through March 30, 2017. Remember, you get to work at your own pace!
How does the E-Series work?
Each week Ben Carter or Molly Hatch host a themed
conversation built around a topic that will help you discover ways to
find new audiences, market your business and sell your work. These
interviews are available at your own pace and will be released once a
week for six consecutive weeks. After all the lectures have been posted,
you will STILL have an additional six weeks to access course
information and bonus materials to continue work AT YOUR OWN PACE!
Participants are encouraged to discuss the videos each
week with a prompted discussion group online. Through the discussion
board you can connect with other members of the series and reflect on
questions and new ideas that come up for you each week. Molly and Ben
will be watching the group discussions and joining in to add our
experience with the topic. The discussions are ongoing and accessible
throughout the entire series, so you can participate at your own pace,
regardless of your time zone.
In addition to the weekly interviews and discussions
downloadable worksheets will help you work through topics each week and
generate task lists for getting your goals achieved! The worksheets are
for you to keep and work through as you engage with the course material.
By the end of the six weeks, you will have gathered new thoughts and
ideas, and you will have a clear direction moving forward in your
creative business–on to BIG THINGS
Find out more here.

The Head in Clay with Cristina Cordova – online course.

Registrations are open for the 2016/2017 Winter Cycle of THE
HEAD IN CLAY! There are 30 spaces available and the school will stay
open through February 28, 2017 or until enrollment is full.The course
will re-open in summer 2017.

In this course you will learn key techniques to develop and finish a
clay head suitable for firing. We will cover sourcing reference
materials, the best tools, hollow construction techniques and how to
develop and finish features for a strong composition.

Online workshop: Start a Pottery Business

fell in love with ceramics as a hobby, spent years honing you skills
and now you are ready to build your own successful ceramics business.
It’s easy
to build a successful ceramics business in the beginning. There are few
barriers to entry, startup expenses are modest and you can often sell
your work with little initial effort. The problems begin when your
friends and family have exhausted their immediate need for pottery.
Running a
profitable pottery business requires both sound business skills and a
high-quality, desirable product line. You have to understand what makes
your products unique, and create a plan for creating and selling them at
scale. This three-day live online workshop is designed to help you
build a successful business designing, producing and selling ceramics.
We have
brought together three successful ceramic artists to give you an inside
look at how they built their businesses. They will share some of the
insights and strategies that made them successful, and answer any
questions you have about building your own ceramics business. The
program will include one-hour live streamed sessions with Lisa Jones of Pigeontoe Ceramics, Peter Sheldon + Ellen Woglom of Sheldon Ceramics and Lorna Meaden of Lorna Meaden Pottery.
Here are some of the topics we will explore:
– Honing your style and designing products that sell
– Developing a retail business & selling wholesale
– Building a brand & getting press for your work
– Building an audience & selling ceramics online
– Social media for ceramic artists
– Selling in galleries

Online Courses with Matt Katz (a better way to spend your summer!)

The course is
a 5 week, intensive, online class, and it basically the same course that Matt Katz
teaches to Graduate and Undergraduate students at Alfred.
It is
available to everyone, and is offered for transferable credits for
undergraduate students.
The course
will be offered and twice this summer May-16th-June 24th and June 27th-August
The class is
presented as a series of videos, that are posted Mondays, Wednesdays, and
Fridays. You can watch them at your leisure. The only restriction is that once
a week we have a live discussion on the three previous video, so If you are
behind, you may miss out on part of the discussion.  After the class is done, you should have
access to the videos for another 4-6 weeks to go back and re-explore.
Additionally, we will have readings and optional labs.
As far as the
nitty gritty you can find all that here
and here
The cost is
$1320, to sign up, you can contact the registrar’s office
or 607-871-2123
this summer we will be offering our classes:
Introduction to Glazes Online
is our introductory class, teaching the science of glazes, translated into
English for the artist’s community. It is the much beloved, gold standard
course for understanding glazes for makers of all levels of experience.
This class is going to be offered twice this
summer, from May-16th-June 24th and again from June 27th-August

Topics: Introduction to Clays

This is the sister course to Glazes, where
in, we dive into what makes clays work and not work. Studying how to make the
most of your studio, clays and firings.
This class is also going to be offered twice
this summer, from May-16th-June 24th and again from June
27th-August 5th.
**Brand new
course** Topics: Glaze Effects and Color
(aka Glazes II)
This is our advanced glaze course, where we
dive deep into the science of what makes glazes cool. Exploring the subtleties,
tips and tricks of glaze chemistry.
This class is also going to be offered once this summer, from June 27th-August
cost of each full course is $1320 which is structured to offer 4 academic
sign up, you can contact the registrar’s office or 607-871-2123
Instructor: Matt Katz is the creator and
instructor for Introduction to Glaze Formulation Online. Matt has taught
ceramic material courses at The School of Art and Design at Alfred
University for over 12 years. He received a BFA from The School of Art
and Design and a MFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Matt’s
extensive study at the Inamori School of Engineering and engagement as a
studio artist have enabled him to design a new version of glaze
formulation that combines the intuition of the artist with the science
of the ceramic engineer. Katz strives to make a complex subject
understandable for individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels.