Art Pro Podcast with… me, Carole Epp

I wouldn’t really classify myself as a PRO at anything. I’m stumbling through my life and career trying to figure things out as I go so I find it interesting when others ask to interview me as though I had some type of a system sorted out or special behind the scenes knowledge. The more I know, the more I realize how little I actually know about all things art and career related. But heck I love listening to others talk about the ins and outs of their careers so maybe you’ll like to have a listen to me talk about mine : )

Huge thanks to Jessica Watchorn for the interview it was super fun!

Find out more and follow Jessica here:

instagram: @artpropodcast 

podcast thursdays: the Spark with Tift Merritt

The Spark with Tift Merritt
Have you ever wanted to ask your favorite songwriter what
idea sparked the song you just can’t get out of your head? Award winning singer
songwriter Tift Merritt does just that with her podcast The Spark. Merritt’s
questions to her talented guests (Emmy Lou Harris, Rosanne Cash, and many more)
get straight to the heart of creativity and the craft of song writing.
Check out her interview with one of my favorite musicians Josh
Ritter. After listening to his episode I posted his quote, “ You have to become
a martyr for your own ideas”, to my studio wall. Visit for
more information or find the show on iTunes.
The Spark is a monthly interview program, hosted by Tift
Merritt. You can hear The Spark online and on air at KRTS, Marfa Texas Public

Visit the blog to listen to the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast. Discussion about clay, culture, and travel at

8 days left to show Ben Carter and The Tales of a Red Clay Rambler some love.

I’d heard Ben’s voice for quite a while before getting to meet him in 2013 at Arrowmont. The Tales of  Red Clay Rambler are a constant in my studio. They inspire, challenge me and keep me up to date with current artists and how they are affecting the art world, the market and our lives.

Ben had somehow convinced me to be a guest on the podcast. An honor I wasn’t convinced I was worthy of, but an experience I won’t soon forget.  An insightful and extensively knowledgeable interviewer, Ben is a blessing in our field. His generosity and time and efforts to bring us this amazing podcast should be acknowledged. So if you can please help support Ben through his Kickstarter project to bring us another season of The Tales of a Red Clay Rambler.

Help fund the third season of this thought-provoking podcast exploring the lives of creative people around the world.

Read more about the project and what your financial support can assist with here on Kickstarter.
And find Ben and the podcast here.

movie day: Virtual Clay @ NCECA

Yeah! NCECA released the video of the first part of our Virtual Clay presentation at NCECA. Check out our introductions on you tube and then head over to The Tales of the Red Clay Rambler for a special podcast of the question and answer portion of our panel.

I hope you enjoy it. It was a blast to work with the amazing creative and professional minds of Adam Field, Ben Carter and Michael Kline. Ben did a great little write up over on his blog so head on over and check it out please. Would love to hear your thoughts on the panel.